About Us

About Us

Meet BraroIndustries, Gurvinder Brar

Gurvinder Brar, the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Braro Industries and BBelectrical since May 2020, has a strong vision for the company’s growth as well as a desire to aid the communities in which he resides. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Commerce General from Guru Nanak Dev College Moga in Punjab. He is exponentially well informed about understanding business strategy, development, management, customer satisfaction, export, and import. They’ve sparked a wave of enormously successful businesses that are now market leaders in their fields.

Who We Are

Braro Industries is a well-known and respectable import-export company that specialises in a wide range of electrical and lighting equipment. Braro Industries was founded by Gurvinder Brar in May 2020 to link buyers and sellers. We have extensive experience dealing, importing, and exporting a wide range of electrical products. The company is based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada’s financial district. BraroIndustries is dedicated to building excellent, long-term business relationships with its clients, and we ship our products and services worldwide. We believe in offering our customers the highest-quality products at the most affordable costs.

Over 10,000 customers rely on us for export-import information on over 20,000 items from over 50 countries, including some of the world’s top consulting organisations. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction in terms of product quality and on-time delivery.


Our goal is to provide original, inventive, pioneering, and high-quality items to our clientele all over the world. By utilizing our import and export services, we hope to become a partner in your business development.


Our goal as a world-class import and export company is to foster growth so that we may build good and long-term business ties with our customers.

Our Expert Teams

We don’t outsource anything since our committed team of specialists works tirelessly every day to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product quality and on-time delivery. Our talented team has a plethora of experience, expertise, and competence in their respective fields