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LED-S11W 3K 4″ BK+ Driver

Check out Braro industries pot light supplier for a premium quality pot light. It has a sleek design and great build quality. It has a very thin trim which further enhances the look of the product. If you are looking for good quality pot lights at an affordable price range, visit our website and make a buy. 

LED-S8W 3K 3

LED-S11W 5K 4″ BK+ Driver

This is another great addition to the pot lights category by our pot light supplier. It is black in colour which gives it a classy look. It also works efficiently which makes it a value for money. With aesthetically pleasing design and great build quality, it is a must buy if you are looking to buy premium quality pot lights. 

LED-S11W 5K 4

LED-S11W 5K 4″ SQ WH+ Driver

Braro industries pot light supplier brings you LED-S11W 5K pot light. Ideal for Homes, Garment Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Lounge & Lobbies, Parking areas, etc, It is one of the best pot lights that you can buy. With a great build and sturdy look, this LED light is durable. If you are looking for a premium quality pot light at an affordable price range, do check out our website today.

LED-S11W 5K 4

LED-S8W 3K 3″ BK+ Driver

Buy LED-S8W 3K pot light from Braro industries pot light supplier. With the great build quality and outstanding design, it is one of the best pot lights in the market. It is durable, consumes less electricity, is environmentally friendly and overall a great product to use. Check out our website and purchase good quality Pot lights at an affordable price range. 

LED-S8W 5K 3

LED-S8W 5K 3″ WH+ Driver

Visit our online store and purchase LED- S8W 5K at an affordable price range. The slim panel is an ultra-thin LED dimmable lens downlight with a junction box ideal for new construction and renovation work. If you are looking for good quality and aesthetically pleasing LED pot light, visit the Braro industry website and make a hassle-free transaction.

LED-S8W 5K 3

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