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1. 53151-K Square Extension Box

53151-K Square Extension ring is ideal to extend an electrical box out from the wall which is a must addition to your electrical supplier. These square extension boxes are of great build quality and are in ideal shape and size. If you are in need of a square extension box, check out our online braro industries shop.


2. 55171-k Octagonal Extension Box

The Octagonal extension box is an outstanding addition to your electrical supplier. The build quality of the product is great and the overall design is good. It is easy to fit and provide decent space for the setup. An octagonal-shaped extension box is preferred in case of a more complicated setup. If you are looking for an affordable octagonal extension box, check out the Braro Industries website.


3. SLK-2 Extension Ring 2G

SLK-2 Extension Ring 2G can be found in our electrical supplier on our website. With a sturdy build and easy to use design, these are must-buy items while doing any sort of electrical work. Easy to fit and with decent space, you can use these extension rings in various scenarios. Braro Industries consist of various extension rings, check out our online store and buy extension rings at the most affordable price range. 

4. SKL-4 Extension Ring 4G

Braroindustries bring you affordable high-end electrical supplier. Extender goof rings may be used to adjust the depth of your 4 gangs electrical box. Extend your recessed outlet box to meet your sheetrock, tile, wall panelling, or granite backsplash quickly and simply. The ideal choice for DIY projects and home remodels that require recessed outlets and light switches.

5. SLK-4 Extension Ring 5G

 SLK-4 Extension ring 5G is an oversized Extension ring, an essential addition to your electrical supplier. These extension rings are ideal for adding depth to the surface as well as increasing wire capacity. If you are looking for a premium extension ring, you can buy it on our website at an affordable price range. 

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