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      Top-Notch Octagonal Boxes

      54151-K Octagonal Box

      54151-K is one of the top-notch octagonal boxes that you can buy from braro industries. This 4-inch octagonal box has concentric knockouts and it has a raised ground screw. It has a great build quality and is easy to fix. High-end materials are used for the making of this product. If you are looking for a premium quality octagonal box, visit our website today.

      54151-K OCTAGONAL BOX


      54151-KSSX Octagonal Box

      If you are looking for top-notch octagonal boxes at an affordable price range, braro industries got you covered. It comes from the support bracket for steel studs. It also has Wraparound brackets for 2 1/2″ and 3 5/8″ steel studs. With high-end material and great build, braro industries provide octagonal boxes. 



      54151-LB Octagonal Box

      Check out top-notch octagonal boxes from braro industries at an affordable price range. It has a great build quality and the corners are curved. The curved corners eliminate the risk of any injury. It has a Side Bracket with Holding Prongs & Position depth Tabs. It also has clamps and brackets. Visit our website and make the purchase today.

      54151-LB OCTAGONAL BOX



      54171-FB Ceiling Fan Box

      Made from galvanized steel, these top-notch octagonal boxes has a great build quality. This octagonal support ceiling fan box can hold heavyweight. It is easy to fix and use. High-end materials are used in making this product which makes it durable. If you are looking for a good quality ceiling fan box, visit the braro industry website and order. 

      54171-FB CEILING FAN BOX


      56111 Round Pancake Box

      56111 round pancake box is a top-notch octagonal box that you can purchase from braro industries. Switch Boxes Feature a Longer Ear and a Special Notch. This allows the screws used to attach wall plates to GFCI or rocker-type light switches to pass through. If you are looking for a good quality octagonal box, visit our website and make a purchase.


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