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1. BAMBOO 4FT (08-10MM, HEIGHT: 120CM) 

When it comes to making a structure in your agricultural field or in general to do any sort of construction work, bamboo sticks come in handy. They are flexible, sturdy and provide great structure. If you are looking for a high-quality premium end bamboo stick, check out our agriculture store online and choose among a variety of shapes and sizes. We guarantee their quality and make sure to get you the best bamboo stick. 


2. BAMBOO 7FT (14-16MM, HEIGHT: 210CM)

These 7FT bamboo sticks provide great structure and work great while maintaining the shape of a structure. They provide great support and are easy to set up. They are big in size and flexible therefore they can handle heavy loads as well. If you are looking for great quality bamboo sticks, You can order today from our agriculture store online without any hassle.


3. BAMBOO 8FT (18-20MM, HEIGHT: 240CM)

These 8-foot bamboo sticks give excellent structure and are required if you want to build a solid construction. They give excellent support and help to keep the structure in good shape. They are large in size, yet because they are flexible, they do not break in half. You can place an order from our agriculture store online right now.

4. BAMBOO 5FT (12-14MM, HEIGHT: 150CM)

Bamboo sticks are useful for building structures in your agricultural area or for doing any type of construction job in general. They are adaptable, durable, and give excellent structure. Check out our agriculture store online for a range of shapes and sizes if you’re seeking a high-quality premium end bamboo stick. These sticks are flexible and will hold the structure for a longer period of time. 


5. BAMBOO 6FT (12-14MM, HEIGHT: 180CM)

Bamboo sticks are an essential element in making a structure. Whether it’s about setting a perimeter in agricultural lands or using it as a support structure while doing any construction. These bamboo sticks are ideal in size and their flexibility allows them to provide great support. It does not break easily and certainly holds the structure firmly if properly connected or tied. If you are about to buy bamboo sticks, do check out our agriculture store online.

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