Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When an importer is satisfied with our products and creditworthiness, it can proceed to finalize the terms of the export contract. At this stage, the importer needs to formulate the terms and conditions of the contract very carefully and comprehensively. There should be no uncertainty about the exact specifications and terms of purchase including export price, mode of payment, type of packaging, port of shipment, delivery schedule, replacement of defective goods supplied, post-purchase services and warranties, coverage, etc.

Terms of Delivery : The terms of delivery define the duties and responsibilities of the buyer and seller during the delivery of the goods. To avoid any convenience doubts, the importer should check all the terms of delivery as mentioned in Incoterms.

Product Standards : The importer should check whether the imported product meets the product standards.

Quantity : Before ordering products, an importer must evaluate the domestic market. This will help the importer to ascertain the actual quantity of the products to be shipped.

Duties and Duties : An importer must be aware of all the duties and duties levied on the imported goods.

Period of Delivery and Shipment : The importer has to decide and fix the specific date for delivery of the products, which is also acceptable to the exporter for exporting the goods.

Mode of Payment : The method of payment is an essential part of import and export products. 30% payment in advance when delivering the products and the balance payment after the products are delivered.

Product refundable : Our expert team replaces the products in a week when a problem occurs and the products default after purchase, for more details read our privacy policy here.


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